People (Attorney General) v Wickham

Judgment Date01 January 1949
Date01 January 1949
CourtCourt of Criminal Appeal
The People (Attorney-General)

Statement made by accused - Statement taken down in writing and read over to accused - Document orally acknowledged by accused to be correct - Refusal of accused to sign document - Document admissible in evidence notwithstanding no acknowledgment in writing.

Accused after being arrested and after being properly cautioned made a statement to a police officer which amounted to a confession of the offence charged. The statement was taken down in writing by the police officer who then read it over to the accused and asked him if he wished to make any alterations or corrections in it. The accused said the statement was correct but he refused to sign it until he should have seen a solicitor. At the trial the unsigned document was admitted in evidence notwithstanding objection by the defence. The accused was convicted. On an application to the...

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