Proposal to halve pesticide use in European Union

Published date23 June 2022
Publication titleIrish Times (Dublin, Ireland)
Under the European Commission's nature restoration proposals, the use of chemical pesticides would be cut by 50 per cent by 2030 and would be completely banned in "sensitive places" such as public parks, gardens, playgrounds and schools

Member states are to set their own national reduction targets within defined parameters under the first legislation that explicitly targets the restoration of nature in the bloc. The proposals aim to cover at least 20 per cent of the EU's land and sea areas with nature restoration measures by the end of the decade and to extend these to all ecosystems in need of restoration by 2050.

The proposals need to be debated and approved by the European Parliament and European Council.

Fintan Kelly, policy officer with the Irish Environmental Network, said the proposed laws provide "the tools we need to rise to the challenge" of the rebuilding failing ecosystems and that "this is an opportunity that we literally cannot afford to miss".

BirdWatch Ireland also welcomed the...

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