Removing Restriction To The Medical Card Market

Author:Mr Tom Hayes
Profession:Matheson Ormsby Prentice

The Health (Provision of General Practitioner Services) Bill 2011 aims to change the rules governing medical card lists and instead, encourage young General Practitioners (GPs) to remain in Ireland and establish their practices here. The Bill intends to abolish restrictions on GPs obtaining contracts to treat public patients under the General Medical Services (GMS) Scheme. Under the new Bill, any suitably qualified and vocationally trained GP will be entitled to enter into a contract with the HSE for the provision of services to GMS patients. The HSE will no longer be limited to granting such contracts in cases where a GMS contract holder has died, retired or resigned, or where the contract has otherwise been terminated. Pursuant to the Bill, GPs currently holding a GMS contract, on foot of the 2009 interim entry provisions, will also be entitled to accept any patient on to their list, who has...

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