Rule 159 - Inspection of filed documents and obtaining copies thereof

(1) The registered owner of property and any person authorised by such owner, or by an order of the court or by these Rules, but no other person, may inspect a document filed in the Registry on a dealing or transaction with the property of the owner.

(2) Any person who would be entitled to inspection of a document relating to property, if its ownership was not registered under the Act, and the document was in the possession of the person by law entitled to the custody thereof, shall be entitled to inspect the document, if filed in the Registry.

(3) An affidavit of judgment deposited in the Registry pursuant to the Judgment Mortgage Ireland Act, 1850, as amended by the Act, or an application for registration of a judgment mortgage under Rule 110 may be inspected by any person so long as notice of its deposit or the entry of the judgment mortgage is uncancelled in a register.

(4) A memorandum of a lis pendens, bond, recognisance or inquisition filed in the Registry may be inspected by any person so long as the entry relative to it remains uncancelled in a register.

(5) An application, assent, affidavit, or transfer, made by a personal representative of a deceased owner of property that vested in the personal representative may be inspected by a devisee or other person, except a creditor, having an interest in the property under the owner’s will, or, where the owner died intestate, by a person in whom a beneficial interest in the property devolved on the intestacy, or by a person who...

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