Rule 29 - Apartment, flat, floor, cellar, tunnel, mines and minerals, soil, subsoil, attic, airspace or foreshore

(1)(a) Where the property comprised in an application for registration is part of a premises, or a cellar or tunnel, or mines and minerals, or an underground space apart from the surface, an application map shall be furnished of the surface under or over which the property to be registered lies together with such plans, sections and other description (if any) as the Authority may deem necessary and with particulars of any appurtenant rights of access, whether held in common with others or not, or obligations affecting other property for the benefit of the property the title to which is being registered, and also, in the case of mines and minerals, with particulars of the rights incidental to the working of the mines and minerals that may be subsisting.

(1)(b) Before the registration of such property is completed, notice may be given to the reputed owners or to the occupiers of the other property or properties above or below and (if in the same building) adjoining laterally the...

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