Rule 003 - Form and contents of registers

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(1) The registers shall consist of information required by the Acts and these Rules to be recorded in respect of each ownership registered under the Acts.

(2) Each ownership registered shall be identified by a distinguishing number to be called the folio or title number.

(3) The registers shall be maintained in paper or electronic form or partly in one form and partly in the other form.

(4) The registers shall be maintained in Irish or English or partly in one language and partly in the other language.

(5) Where a register or any part of it is in paper form, the information shall be recorded on a folio or folios which shall be in three parts.

(6) There shall be entered in the first part of a folio-
(a) a description of the property the ownership of which is registered, with a reference to the plan on the registry maps of the land affected;

(b) a description of any part of the property which is transferred to another folio;

(c) such information as is authorised by the Acts or these Rules relative to;
(i) easements and rights for the benefit of the property;
(ii) the inclusion of mines and minerals in, or their exclusion from, the property;
(iii) the boundaries of the property.

(7) There shall be entered in the second part of a folio-
(a) the name of the owner of the property and his/her address in the State for service of notices;

(b) such information as is necessary relative to-
(i) the classes of titles that are registered pursuant to Sections 33 or 40 of the Act;
(ii) the devolution of the property;
(iii) the matters referred to in Section 91 of the Act;

(c) cautions and inhibitions restricting the registration of dispositions of the property;

(d) a note under Section 61(6)(b) of the Act of the death of the registered owner and of the names of his/her personal representative(s).

(8) There shall be entered in the third part of a folio-
(a) the burdens the registration of which is authorised by Section...

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