Rules Specifying Examinations and Criteria for Registration in the Supervised Division Pursuant to the Medical Practitioners (Amendment) Act 2011.

Published date10 January 2012
Statutory Instrument No.733/2011

Notice of the making of this Statutory Instrument was published in

“Iris Oifigiúil” of 10th January, 2012.

These rules are made pursuant to the provisions of section 11 and Section 50A of the Medical Practitioners Act 2007 as amended (“the Act”) for the purpose of establishing criteria and for specifying examinations to be undertaken by applicants applying for registration in the Supervised Division of the Register of Medical Practitioners,

1. Application Process and Assessments for Registration in the Supervised Division

1.1 The registration application process will comprise two levels. All applicants for registration will be required to undergo:

1.2 Level 1: verification of their documentation (which would include but not be limited to) identification, evidence of medical qualifications, a certificate of good standing or a certificate of current professional status and a letter of offer of employment in an individually numbered, identifiable post certified by the Health Service Executive. In addition production of a declaration demonstrating compliance with the requirements of section 50A(5) of the Act as amended, will be required. This declaration (which the Council requires to be signed by the CEO (or equivalent) of the hospital/clinical site) is attached as Appendix 1 to these rules.

1.3 Level 2: comprising but not necessarily limited to an assessment of clinical competence which will include an examination with three components namely: clinical judgment, communication skills and data interpretation skills.

1.4 The assessment, by examination, will assess general clinical competence and clinical competence in one or more of the specialties recognised by Council as set out in Appendix 2.

1.5 In order to be admitted to Level 2 candidates must apply for Level 2 by a specified date and in a manner specified by the Medical Council and pay the appropriate fee.

2. Attempts

2.1 Candidates will be allowed a maximum of three attempts to pass Level 2.

3. Registration on Passing the Examination

3.1 Once an applicant has passed Level 1 and Level 2, he/she will be registered in the Supervised Division in a supervised post.


GIVEN under the Official Seal of the Council

18 July 2011.


President of the Medical Council.


Chief Executive Officer of the Medical Council.


This is a declaration pursuant to Section 50A of the Medical Practitioners (Amendment) Act 2011 , and in particular sub-sections 4 and 5.

I herby confirm and declare that:

(Please tick each box to indicate you have read it and are including it in your declaration)


Dr (Insert Full Name of Doctor) has been offered a post in (Insert Hospital Name) hospital in (Insert Specialty) as a (SHO/Registrar — Insert appropriate grade) grade.


I enclose a copy of his/her terms and conditions of employment with (Insert Hospital Name) hospital.


I understand that this declaration will be used by the Medical Council to approve the post and as part of Dr (Insert Full Name of Doctor) application process for registration in a supervised post in the Supervised Division of the register of medical practitioners.


The post in (insert Hospital Name) hospital is a (SHO/Registrar — select appropriate grade) post and is an individually numbered, identifiable post certified by the Health Services Executive.


The hospital needs to employ Dr (Insert Full Name of Doctor) because *:


The rationale for the designation of the post as (SHO/Registrar — Insert appropriate grade) grade is *:


The duties that Dr (Insert Full Name of Doctor) will have to perform in the post are*:


The supervision arrangements to supervise Dr (Insert Full Name of Doctor) are *:



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