Technology Update: Trends In The Technology Sector: A View From San Francisco

Author:Mr Oisin Tobin
Profession:Mason Hayes & Curran

Our proximity to our technology clients allows us to be more receptive and reactive to their needs. More importantly, by working in the dynamic tech scene that forms the core of Silicon Valley, we are better placed to understand the avenues for growth as well as the myriad of pressures facing our clients. We have identified a number of the current trends.

The decline of funding

According to the Venture Monitor report released in early 2017 by PitchBook Data and the National Venture Capital Association, fewer Silicon Valley start-ups obtained venture capital funding in the first quarter of 2017, compared to the quarter before. Meanwhile, larger tech companies with some of the largest private valuations are continuing to hold off on making IPOs. Investors appear to be more scrutinising and demanding of potential investment targets. This cautiousness has had a palpable effect on the formerly free-wheeling culture.

The rise of FinTech

More start-ups are focusing their sights on disrupting the financial technology sector. Recognising the increasingly digital and global nature of transactions, and the difficulties associated with moving currencies across borders, several companies are now providing banking consumers with cheaper and more efficient options of banking and investing. However, the sentiment in Silicon Valley is that the web of banking regulations, both in the United States and in the EU, is continuing to hamper major efforts at technological and systematic reform.

In response to this trend, we have established a dedicated...

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