The Troubles and truth recovery process

Published date24 January 2023
Publication titleIrish Times: Web Edition Articles (Dublin, Ireland)
As he says, "Peace, reconciliation and forgiveness on this island will only be progressed by bringing to light the truths that remain hidden and festering about our troubled past, and by engaging in respectful conversations across our communities about what we mean by a shared future"

In advocating a truth recovery process based on a mediation process under judicial oversight by both British and Irish governments, we are proposing an alternative for victims and survivors, for former combatants and for society at large to the criminal justice system. We believe that such a process can also supplement the work of the courts and lead to further information being uncovered in cases already processed that will deepen our understanding of the Troubles and what is needed to achieve reconciliation.

Achieving an outcome to a trial and declaring the case "closed", whatever the result, is a totally inadequate means of dealing with what happened and the consequences for all concerned. The individuals affected and society at large are left with a vacuum that is often filled with superficial and inappropriate social media forums.

Despite their travails, the churches still provide an unrivalled social network and facilities to discuss the issues involved in a non-judgmental...

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