Trial venue and process: the victim and the accused

AuthorKate Mulkerrins
PositionLegal Support Officer with the Rape Crisis Network Ireland
I deliver the following presentation on behalf of the
Rape Crisis Network Ireland. The RCNI is an umbrella
organisation which has been in existence since 1985 and
currently represents 15 member centres.
The mission of the RNCI is to provide support,
information, training and development for all member rape
crisis centres on the island of Ireland. As an accessible and
informed organisation it supports the staff and volunteers of
Rape Crisis Centres in the interests of all survivors of sexual
violence through raising public awareness and lobbying for
Amongst our key objectives are:
yto ensure the highest standards of support and
counselling for survivors of sexual violence;
yto undertake research and promote awareness as to
the causes, nature and extent of sexual violence;
yto raise public awareness about the issues of sexual
violence and the needs of survivors of sexual
violence; and
yto campaign for the societal and legislative changes
that will help work towards the elimination of
sexual violence and sexual abuse.
In the past year the RNCI has made submissions to:
ythe National Plan for Women;
ythe Review of the Anti-Poverty Strategy;
ythe Sex Offenders Bill;
ythe Women's National Health Plan;
120 Judicial Studies Institute Journal [3:1
* Legal Support Officer with the Rape Crisis Network Ireland.

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