TV guide: 26 of the best shows to watch this week, beginning tonight

Date04 April 2021
Published date04 April 2021
Easter Sunday, Virgin One, 8pm

Piggy a French Bulldog, comes to the vet hospital for specialist spinal surgery to help him walk properly. In the large animal department staff have to decide if a wild seal's eye is able to be saved. Vet nurse Clodagh and vet Myles have to look long and hard to find a magnet in a parrot's gizzard. And Vicky the terrier continues her rehab therapy to try and help her walk.

Romeo & Juliet

Easter Sunday, Sky Arts, 9pm

It's romance, rebellion and tragedy courtesy ofthe National Theatre, as two rising stars take on Shakespeare's star-crossed lovers. Josh O'Connor and Jessie Buckley play the title roles in a filmed production that was due to be performed in front of a live audience in the NT last summer. Instead, the fresh 90-minute adaptation has been filmed and released as an original film. Also appearing are Fisayo Akinade as Mercutio, Deborah Findlay as the Nurse and Tamsin Greig as Lady Capulet.

Queen Elizabeth and the Spy in the Palace

Easter Sunday, Channel 4, 9pm

Royal documentaries seem to be 10a penny these days, but this one is a little bit different. Rather than focusing on a member of the House of Windsor, it takes us back to the cold war to profile Anthony Blunt, a respected art historian who spent 27 years as the surveyor of the queen's pictures –a period in which he was also employed by the KGB as a spy. The programme also discusses Blunt's work following the second World War, which saw him loot treasures from Germany while working for George VI.

Iarnród Enda

Monday, RTÉ One, 8.30pm

What do politicians do when they finally get off the rollercoaster of running the country? They hop on the train, of course. Michael Portillo went on a never-ending journey along the great railway routes of the world, and now former taoiseach Enda Kenny is exploring the old railway routes of Ireland – only he'll be doing it on his bicycle, as those trains don't run on these routes anymore. In this new series, the ex-FG leader puts on his bicycle helmet and cycle clips and follows Ireland's long-disused railway lines, some of which have been turned into walking and cycling greenways, or reconfigured for the tourism industry, allowing ancient steam trains and narrow-gauge tourist trains to run. Kenny will be doing a bit of historic trainspotting, looking at how these once-bustling railway routes transformed Ireland's social and cultural fabric and expanded Irish people's horizons. And he'll examine how these long-abandoned routes could point the way to a more sustainable future for Ireland.

Louis Theroux: Shooting Joe Exotic

Monday, BBC2, 9pm

Last week Ross Kemp jumped on the bandwagon of Tiger King's success by withdocumentaries onBritain's own big cat-owning residents (part 2 airs tomorrow). Now Louis Theroux is going one better by speaking to Joseph Maldonado-Passage, better known as Joe Exotic, the man at the centre of the hit Netflix series. They have, however, met before. Theroux spoke to Joe while making America's Most Dangerous Pets, but it's fair to say that life has changed a lot in the intervening decade. Joe is still living in Oklahoma, but rather than residing at his personal zoo, he's behind bars in a federal prison, having been found guilty of animal cruelty and plotting a murder. Theroux also catches up with others from his original programme and meets those working to get Joe out of jail.

Alan Titchmarsh: Spring into Summer

Monday, ITV, 8pm

After a winter indoors, the green-fingered expert loves nothing more than getting to grips with his garden again. Now, in a new nine-part series, Titchmarsh willoffer tips and advice to those longing to make the most of their outdoor space, whether for leisure purposes of for growing their own fruit and veg. He will also meet up with celebrities to learn more about their passion for gardening. First up it's Alison Steadman, who discusses her...

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