What Are People Complaining About?

Author:Mr Tom Hayes

The Dental Complaint's Resolution Service (the "DCRS"), located in Mayo, is up and running since May 2012. At its helm is Martin Kilcoyne, Chairman of the Consumers Association of Ireland, who has been appointed mediator of the service.

Mr Kilcoyne has shared his experiences of the service to date in the Journal of the Irish Dental Association, which has made for some interesting reading1. In little over seven months since its inception, the DCRS has been kept busy dealing with approximately 100 complaints. 10% of cases have already been resolved and almost 20% are nearing conclusion2. In terms of the remaining complaints many were still in progress (awaiting responses from the relevant parties), with a very small number (5%) being referred to an Expert Advisory Committee.

A wide variety of complaints are brought before the DCRS, a number of which relate to the attitude of the dentist, the cost associated with the treatment and the standard of the treatment being provided. The most salient point to arise from the complaints made to the DCRS to date is the importance of communication. This was emphasised by Mr Kilcoyne who believes that a dentist's attitude towards a patient is crucial.

There are certain complaints which are made to the DCRS...

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