What Next For The Medical Council?

Author:Mr Niall Rooney

The Medical Council has announced its statement of strategy for 2014 - 2018. After extensive consultation with members of the public, doctors and partner organisations (including Matheson) the Medical Council has identified six strategic objectives to be addressed over the coming five years.

The key strategic objectives are as follows:1

  1. Developing an effective and efficient register of medical practitioners

    The Medical Council's overriding goal is to ensure that all doctors on the register are safe to practise by ensuring there are safe pathways onto and within the register which allow appropriately qualified doctors straightforward access to the practice of medicine in Ireland.

    Continuing registration will also reflect continuing fitness to practise by proactively monitoring doctors who have conditions imposed and ensuring doctors confirm their continuing fitness to practise at retention of registration, including their maintenance of professional competence.

  2. Creating a supportive learning environment to enable good professional practice

    The Medical Council wants to deliver measureable improvements in the quality of education, training and lifelong learning for doctors. The Medical Council plans to define and communicate what it means to be a good doctor, shape high quality learning environments for doctors and enhance lifelong learning and specialisation opportunities for doctors. The Medical Council also wants to promote good health among doctors.

  3. Maintaining the confidence of the public and the profession in the Council's processes by developing a...

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