Wife killer Joe O'Reilly fears USB stick could affect chances of freedom

Published date26 July 2021
We can today reveal that evil O'Reilly, who battered his wife to death at their home in Naul in October 2004, has lost his 'model prisoner' status - after getting caught with the USB in 2019.

Sources say the USB was filled with over 200 movies, videos and songs - and the killer, who has now been in prison for 14 years, was punished by Irish Prison Service bosses for it.

Movie buff O'Reilly was handed a P19 by bosses - meaning certain privileges were taken off him for a time.

But sources say the murderer, who has never admitted killing his wife, now fears that this mark on his cards is further ruining his chance at getting out of prison early - and he has been kicking up a fuss.

He also fears that he's missing out on opportunities given to 'lifers' - such as enhanced visits and an eventual move to an open prison.

As revealed earlier this year, O'Reilly has been begging for the chance to have visits with his two sons - outside of prison walls.

But sources say in recent weeks, the normally calm and well behaved prisoner has been venting his frustrations about not being given those opportunities.

"He's moaning that he's not getting the same rights as others. He's not happy at all at the moment," a source said.

Sources say 'Star Wars' fan O'Reilly, who was otherwise well behaved, is frustrated that him being caught with the movie-filled drive, could be a blot on his otherwise 'clean' reputation behind bars.

O'Reilly's obsession with movies is well known - and in particular his love for Star Wars made headlines when a top garda detective revealed his belief that the killer battered his wife to death - dressed as Darth Vader.

Garda Detective Pat Marry, who helped nail Joe O'Reilly for the murder, told of his belief that the killer dressed up as Darth Vader when he killed his wife.

Key to the theory was the belief that Star Wars fanatic Joe had every other item of memorabilia in his home - bar a Darth Vader costume, after he murdered Rachel in cold blood at their home in Naul on October 4, 2004.

Mr Marry, who has since retired after 33 years in the force said - "I always suspected that Joe compared himself to Darth Vader. His whole attic was covered with memorabilia of Luke Skywalker. He was fascinated with Star Wars. He had huge memorabilia in his attic, in fact the whole house was full of it.

"I always believed that he dressed up as Darth Vader when he killed Rachel.

"It was a sense of power, that he was invincible and he could not be touched.

"That is my own...

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