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  • HSE spent €1.1bn to deal with Covid-19

    The Health Service Executive spent more than €25 million on hand sanitising gel last year that is likely to go out of date before it can be used, the Oireachtas Committee of Public Accounts has been told.

  • Xi on celebratory tour in advance of coronation

    When the People's Republic of China celebrates its 73rd National Day tomorrow the country will take a back seat to the Communist Party and the man who has dominated it for the past decade: President Xi Jinping.

  • At least 23 suspected deaths in latest Ebola outbreak in Uganda

    At least six people have now died in Uganda's latest Ebola outbreak, while another 18 deaths are suspected to have been caused by the disease. In total there have been 31 confirmed cases and 19 suspected. At least two people have recovered after contracting it.

  • Number of Covid cases in hospital up 20%

    The number of people infected with Covid-19 and in hospital with the virus has started to rise again, the latest update from the Department of Health shows. The increase is probably due to more mixing in society rather than a rise in new, more transmissible variants, according to interim chief medical officer Prof Breda Smyth.

  • Planning and housing supply

    Sir, - Architect Hugh Wallace's sentimentality for a time before the Irish planning system existed in the early 20th century and pointing the finger at disjointed, short-term localism as the origin of our housing supply problems overlooks some basic facts ("Our planning system is broken - this is how we fix it", Property, September 29th).

  • Every SME should calculate a cashflow statement

    Cash is king for Ireland's SMEs, but right now it's under royal pressure. Inflation, interest rate rises, the energy crisis, and supply issues are all putting pressure on costs, with fears of a rise in late payments not far behind.

  • Winter’s icy winds cast a shadow over record budget giveaways

    The Department of Finance's chief economist John McCarthy made what seemed like a flippant remark at Tuesday's post-budget briefing, suggesting Ireland's economic outlook was "contingent upon what the weather will be like on continental Europe".

  • Equinor Irish arm posts €379m profit as gas prices surge

    Soaring gas prices in the second half of last year contributed to Corrib gas partner Equinor returning to a profit a year after recording a loss of more than €150 million.

  • Debate over 9% VAT is Irish tourism’s Neverending Story and it isn’t finished yet

    Tánaiste Leo Varadkar had a reputation for making loose comments in his earlier years in politics. These days, his words tend to be more calculated. He must have known exactly what he was doing when he waded into the debate over the tourism industry's 9 per cent VAT rate on Tuesday afternoon.

  • A rich slice of reservation life


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  • ‘We are recovering from a mass trauma’

    'Reduce close human contact. That is how the virus is spread." In his speech to the nation on St Patrick's Day 2020, that's what taoiseach Leo Varadkar asked us to do. In a pandemic, we would have to "social distance", said the WHO. Our lives and the lives of others might depend on it....

  • Cosgrave’s Web Summit sues former partners over ‘covert’ venture fund

    Web Summit, the company founded by Paddy Cosgrave, has filed legal action in the United States against two former business partners it accuses of secretly establishing an investment fund to profit from the company's success. The allegations, which are strenuously denied, relate to the creation of a ...

  • Travellers still living in ‘deplorable’ conditions, says human rights body

    There has been "no major improvement" in the "deplorable" living conditions of Travellers in the past three years, a hard-hitting Council of Europe statement warns....

  • When will they play again?

    Ireland's school playing fields are empty. Their gyms are silent and shuttered. Since the first schools closure was announced almost a year ago, there has been no sport in schools....

  • For teenage daredevil Jones, the ski’s the limit

    Kai Jones, who at 14 is already a professional adventure skier with the videos to prove it, likes to reminisce about the old days. Like, when he was an 11-year-old sixth-grader. His goal then, aside from seventh grade, was preparing for his first leap off a menacing, craggy, 35ft mountain cliff in...

  • Councils ‘fail to spend’ Traveller budgets

    Repeated failures by local authorities to spend Traveller accommodation budgets, to accurately count how many Travellers live in their areas and to recognise their ethnicity, are identified in a landmark investigation into local authorities' compliance with human rights obligation....

  • Cohabiting can be costlier than you think

    Marry in haste, repent at leisure as the saying goes. But if you think cohabiting is any less risky than marriage, think again. High rents, big house prices and now a pandemic are driving more lovers to live together than ever. But sharing a home without the legal protection of marriage or civil...


    Collateral damage in any health scandal occurs when people are scared off seeking treatment, as can be expected after the revelations of harm caused to children attending South Kerry Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (Camhs)....

  • iPhone primacy at core of Apple privacy pivot

    If there was one thing Apple wanted you to take away from its 2021 developer conference, it was that privacy is key. The company, which previewed the latest version of its mobile software at WWDC21 along with the new MacOS, updated iPad software and new features for its TV and Watch operating...

  • The ‘underbelly’ of children’s mental health services

    paediatric hospitals in ever-increasing numbers....

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