Attorney General v K. and Others

CourtDistrict Court (Ireland)
Judgment Date01 January 1948
Date01 January 1948
(Dist. Ct.),
K. and Others

Taking of depositions -Juvenile aged nearly 13 years - Witness for prosecution - Written statement made to Garda pricers - Witness brought from his home to private room in Bridewell - Interviewed by Gardai in absence of any member of his family or any adult - Liberty asked to cross-examine by State Solicitor - Place and atmosphere in which statement taken down Whether cross-examination as a hostile witness permissible.

A boy under 13 years of age, who was not himself accused, was taken to the Bridewell, and there, in the absence of any relation or friend, made a statement tending to incriminate certain accused persons. The boy failing to give evidence to substantiate the statement, the...

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