Decision Nº M/08/004 from Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, 2008-03-13

Decision NumberM/08/004
StatusCleared (Phase 1)
Merger Notification No. M/08/004 – 3i/Alpharma
Section 21 of the Competition Act 2002
Proposed acquisition by 3i Group plc. of the active pharmaceutical
ingredients business of Alpharma In c.
Dated 13/03/2008
1. On 22 February 2008, the Competition Authority (the “Authority”), in
accordance with Section 1 8(1)(a) of the Competition Act, 2002 (“the
Act”) was notified, on a mandatory basis, of a proposed acquisition by
Alfanor 7152 AS a nd Otdelholdco Inc. of: (i) certain as sets p rimarily
related to Alpharma Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (“API”), the
active pharmaceutical ingredients business of Alpharma Inc.
(“Alpharma”) and its wholly owned subsidiaries Alpharma
(Luxembourg) S.àr.l., Alpharma Bermuda G.P. and Alpharma
International (Luxembourg) S.àr.l.; and, (ii) 100% of the issued a nd
outstanding shares in Alpharma AS and certa in other subsidiaries.
2. Alfanor 7152 AS and Otdelholdco Inc. ar e ultimately controlled by 3i
Group plc (“3i” ). As a result of the proposed acquisition, 3i will acquire
indirect sole co ntrol of API. The remainder of Alpharma will be
unaffected by the proposed acquisition.
The Undertakings Involved
The Acquirer
3. 3i is an international venture capital company that provides
management adv ice to and manages investments on behalf of
investment funds. 3i holds investments in various sectors of industry
and services (for example media, retail, food and drink, healthcare, IT
services, leisure, oil, gas and power, softwar e, Internet and telecoms).
4. None of the portfolio companies held by 3i or any fund managed or
controlled by 3i holds any interest in any c ompany active in the
development, manufacture or supply of active pharmaceutical
ingredients either worldwide or in the island of I reland. In addition,
none of 3i’s portfolio companies within the hea lthcare sector are
customers of API.
5. For the year ended 31 March 2007, 3i and its affiliated companies
achieved a worldwide turnover of approximat ely €[…], a turnover in
the EU of approximately €[…] and in Ireland of approximately €[…].

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