Decision Nº M/10/003 from Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, 2010-02-15

Date15 February 2010
Decision NumberM/10/003
PartiesBudget Travel Limited (In Liquidation),Club Travel Limited
StatusCleared (Phase 1)
Draft 13 October 2009
M/10/003 – Club Travel/Budget Travel
Club Travel/Budget Travel
Section 21 of the Competition Act 2002
Acquisition by Club Travel Limited of Bud get Travel Limited
Dated 15 February 2010
1. On 22 January 2010, in accordance with Section 18(1) of the
Competition Act 2002 (“the Act”), the Competition Authority (“the
Authority”) received a notification of a proposed transaction whereby
Club Travel Limited (“Club Travel”) would a cquire sole control of
certain assets of Budget Travel Limited (“Budget Trav el”) (collectively,
the “Budget Travel Assets”).
2. Budget Travel ceased tra ding on 25 November 2009. On 14 Decembe r
2009 the H igh Court appointed Simon Coyle, of Mazars, as Liquidator
of Budget Travel. Upon completion of th e liquidati on process, Budget
Travel would be dissolved.
The Undertakings Involved
The Acquirer
3. Club Travel is a 75 % owned subsidiary of Club Travel Holdings Limited,
a company controlled by Mr. Liam Lonergan. The rema ining 25% is
owned personally by Mr. Liam Lonergan.
4. In the State, Club Travel is mainly active as a travel agent and to a
limited extent as a tour operator. Club Travel operates from its retail
premises in Dublin and over the internet. As a travel agent, Club
Travel’s activities include:
The sa le of packaged holidays organised by tour operators, flights
and hotels to customers;
The provision of travel agency services to corporate customers and
the government sector; and,
The distribution to other travel agents of long -haul flights of airlines
which do not have sales and marketing offices in the State.
5. As a licensed tour operator, Club Travel organises soccer and rugby
tours. However, Club Travel’s involvement in this business has been
limited […] in 2008.

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