Defence Act, 1954 (Control of Roads At Gormanston Aerodrome) Bye-Laws, 1959.

Date02 March 1959
Statutory Instrument No.37/1959

S.I. No. 37 of 1959.


WHEREAS An tAire Cosanta with the consent of the Council of the County of Meath, as the appropriate road authority, is desirous of making bye-laws under section 279 of the Defence Act, 1954 (No. 18 of 1954), providing for the restriction of the use of portions of certain roads crossing or running near State land situate in the townlands of Irishtown and Gormanston, barony of Upper Duleek and county of Meath and appropriated for defence purposes to form Gormanston Aerodrome :

AND WHEREAS in pursuance of section 280 of the Act An tAire has deposited copies of the proposed bye-laws in the Circuit Court Office at Trim in the county of Meath and has published, in newspapers circulating in the area to which the proposed bye-laws relate, notice of his intention to make bye-laws and of the deposit of such copies :

AND WHEREAS An tAire has considered every objection to the proposed bye-laws duly sent to him under the said section 280 :

NOW, I, CAOIMHGHÍN Ó BEOLÁIN, Aire Cosanta, in exercise of the power conferred on me by section 279 of the Defence Act, 1954 , and with the consent of the Council of the County of Meath hereby make the following bye-laws :

1.—(1) These bye-laws may be cited as the Defence Act, 1954 (Control of Roads at Gormanston Aerodrome) Bye-Laws, 1959.

(2) These bye-laws shall come into operation on the 1st day of May, 1959.

2. For the purposes of these bye-laws, each of the following shall be a controlled road, namely, the portion of road shown on the annexed map as lying between the points marked, respectively, " A " and " B " and the portion of road shown thereon as lying between the points marked, respectively, " C " and " D."

3. All traffic on a controlled road shall be subject to the control and directions of the Officer Commanding the Air Corps Unit of the Defence Forces at Gormanston Aerodrome and of officers and men acting under his authority and the road may from time to time be closed temporarily to traffic by his order and for this purpose gates, erected at the terminal points of the controlled road, may be closed across the road.

4. When a controlled road is closed to traffic under these bye-laws no person shall enter or bring a vehicle or animal on to the road except when authorised to do so by an officer or man of the Defence Forces on duty thereon nor delay nor stop when passing over or bringing any vehicle or...

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