Editorial Board of the 12th Edition of the Cork Online Law Review 2013

[2013] COLR
Editorial Board of the Twelfth Edition of the
Cork Online Law Review 2013
Editor In Chief
John Casey BCL (International) IV
Deputy Editor in Chief
Garrett Verling BCL II
House Style Editor
Brian O’Reilly BCL (Law & German) IV
Letters Editor
Audrey Lynch (Law & Irish) III
Article Editors
Sarah Field BCL, LLM (Candidate)
Aidan Burke BCL (International) IV
Andrew Desmond BCL (Law & German) IV
Rosie O’Connor BCL III
Aaron Sheehan BCL III
Eilish O’Keeffe BCL II
Rachel O’Sullivan BCL (International) II
Aisling Galvin BCL I
Enda Kerr BCL (International) I
Deyan Fitzgerald DC LAW (Candidate)

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