Equity and the Law of Trusts in Ireland (7th edition) by Hilary Biehler

Date01 January 2020
Equity and e Law of Trusts in Ireland
Equity and the Law of Trusts in Ireland by Hilary Biehler (7th edn, Round Hall,
Dublin 2020)
Equity is an area of law which is constantly developing, and this is reected in the
fact that Biehler has updated this key textbook for the seventh time.1 First published
in 1995, the book has been updated over the years to reect the changes in this area
of law, not only in relation to our own courts but also so as to provide a comparative
analysis with the legal developments of other common law jurisdictions such as
England and Wales, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
e seventh edition not only includes updated case law which has developed since
the sixth edition, there having been a surprising number of important decisions
from both domestic and neighbouring common-law courts, but it also expands
on certain topics in the realm of equity and the law of trusts. is might answer
the question of why, aer only four years since the sixth edition, a new edition is
warranted. Biehler is known for writing in a user-friendly style that is accessible
not only for the rst-year law student but also for experienced practitioners. e
seventh edition brings the same level of clarity in its writing that has made previous
editions of the book so popular.
As with the previous editions of the book, the layout remains the same with
the rst part of the book dedicated to trusts (chapters 1–13) and the balance
(chapters 14– 20) dealing with equitable remedies. A number of the chapters
have been expanded, including chapter 6 on constructive trusts, chapter 13 on
the administration of trusts and chapter 18 on equitable estoppel. While it is not
possible within this review to consider each chapter in turn (although each chapter
would be worthy of such detailed discussion), it is proposed to highlight certain
aspects of the book which have been added or updated in the seventh edition.
Chapter 1 provides an overview in relation to general principles and includes an
updated discussion of the question of fusion between law and equity,2 referencing
* Ellen O’Callaghan is a Barrister-at-Law and Lecturer in Equity and the Law of Trusts at the
Honorable Society of King’s Inns. e author would like to thank the Editorial Board of the
Hibernian Law Journal for the kind invitation to write this review.
1 Hilary Biehler, Equity and the Law of Trusts in Ireland (7th edn, Round Hall, Dublin 2020).
2 ibid 10–19.

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