Fishing Vessel (Radio Installations Survey) Regulations, 1999

CitationIR SI 40/1999

I, MICHAEL WOODS, Minister for the Marine and Natural Resources, in exercise of the powers conferred on me by section 19 of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1992 (No. 2 of 1992) and the Marine (Alteration of name of Department and title of Minister) Order, 1997 ( S.I. No. 301 of 1997 ) hereby make the following regulations:—

1. (1) These Regulations may be cited as the Fishing Vessel (Radio Installations Survey) Regulations, 1999.

(2) In these Regulations—

“the Minister” means the Minister for the Marine and Natural Resources;

“nominated surveyor” means a radio surveyor nominated by the Minister to undertake the surveys required by these Regulations;

“prescribed” means prescribed in Regulations made by the Minister;

“radio installation” means any radio installation provided on board a ship in compliance with the Radio Regulations, including its associated antennae, inter-connecting circuits and, where appropriate, sources of electrical energy, and radio equipment for survival craft;

“Radio Regulations” means the Fishing Vessel (Radio Installations) Regulations, 1998 ( S.I. No. 544 of 1998 );

2. The Minister may grant exemptions from all or any of the provisions of these Regulations (as may be specified in the exemption) for classes of cases or individual cases on such terms (if any) as he may so specify and may, subject to giving reasonable notice, alter or cancel any such exemption.

3 (1) The owner of every vessel in respect of which there is a requirement in the Radio Regulations shall cause the same to be surveyed as soon as possible after these Regulations come into operation and thereafter at the following intervals:

(a) Class I Fishing Vessels—Annual Intervals;

(b) Class II, Class III and Class IV Fishing Vessels—Biannual Intervals;

by a nominated surveyor (subject to the provisions of Regulation 4) and any application for a survey shall be accompanied by such information relating to the vessel as the nominated surveyor may require for the purposes of the survey.

(2) Every application for the survey of a vessel under this Regulation shall be made by or on behalf of the owner of the vessel to the Minister and be accompanied by the prescribed fee.

(3) The nominated surveyor shall, upon receipt of an application, survey the vessel and satisfy himself that the radio installations thereon:

(a) comply with the requirements of the Radio Regulations applicable to the vessel, or are exempt from those requirements, and

(b) are in...

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