Foreword to the Seventeenth Edition

AuthorDr Maria Cahill
(2018) 17 COLR vi
On behalf of the Dean, Professor Ursula Kilkelly, and on behalf of the School of Law
at University College Cork, I warmly congratulate Shay Buckley and the members of
the Editorial Board who have prepared the 17th Edition of the Cork Online Law Review
and who have thereby increased yet again the contribution that COLR has made to
legal scholarship in and beyond the shores of our small jurisdiction.
The academic contribution that COLR makes is dependent, first and foremost, on the
intellectual ambition of the authors who submit their work to COLR. The collection of
articles that makes up this volume is particularly impressive and it is right that the
authors’ efforts, made during long, solitary hours of research and writing should be
celebrated through the publication of this impressive volume.
COLR’s academic contribution is also dependent on the professionalism and hard
work of the members of the Editorial Board. It is due to the consistently high standards
that are applied in the editorial process that COLR attracts such a rich blend of authors
from students in the final years of an undergraduate degrees to scholars who are
already enjoying considerable professional success as legal academics.
Over the past 17 years, COLR has succeeded in accomplishing an almost impossible
task: the creation of a layered and vibrant forum for academic legal debate of which
the Law School is immeasurably proud.
Dr Maria Cahill
7th March 2018

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