Rankin v Oldcroft

CourtCourt of Appeal (Ireland)
Judgment Date01 January 1920
Date01 January 1920
C. A.,

Application for extension of time for appealing - Special leave of the Court -Court of Appeal decision relied on by County Court Judge subsequently reversed by the House of Lords - Question of delay - Rules of the Supreme Court (Ireland), 1905 - Order LVIII., rr. 15, 24, as extended by Order dated 17th May, 1910, to appeals under the Workmen's Compensation Act, 1906 - 6 Edw. VII., c. 58, Sched. II. (4).

Applicant claimed compensation under the Workmen's Compensation Act, 1906, from the respondent in respect of an accident which occurred on 29th April, 1919, while the applicant was thatching the respondent's premises. The application for arbitration under the Act was dated 3rd December, 1919. The County Court Judge made his award on 20th January, 1920, dismissing the application, holding that thecase was ruled by the decision of the Court of Appeal, dated 27th June, 1918, in Manton v. Cantwell,DLTR 53 I. L. T. R. 97; [1918] 2 I. R. 563, which was cited to him on behalf of the respondent. Neither of the parties knew at the time of the County Court Judge's award that an appeal to the House of Lords was pending in Manton v. Cantwell. On 19th April, 1920, the House of Lords reversed the decision of the Court of Appeal in Manton v. Cantwell. The time for appealing...

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