Tax Appeals Commission determination 41TACD2024 regarding CRSS, 2024

Administrative Decision Number41TACD2024
Date18 December 2023
Subject MatterCRSS
1. This matter comes before the Tax Appeals Commission (hereinafter “the Commission”)
as an appeal against a determination of the Revenue Commissioners (“the Respondent”)
made pursuant to section 485 (24) (a) of the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997 (“TCA 1997”)
on 22nd July 2021. Within the Respondent’s determination it held that the Appellant was
not a qualifying person under the Covid Relief Support Scheme (“the CRSS”) and as
such was ineligible for registration under the scheme.
2. Since 2022, the Commission have adjudicated upon and issued Determinations in
respect of a number of CRSS appeals. Those Determinations may be found on the
Commission’s website1.
3. Subject to certain conditions being fulfilled, section 949AN TCA 1997 - Appeals raising
common or related issues - permits the Commission to determine an appeal having
regard to a previous Determination issued by the Commission (“the similar appeal”) where
the matter under appeal and the similar appeal share common or related issues”.
4. Where those provisions apply, the Commission is required to send a copy of the similar
appeal Determination (redacted for privacy) to the Appellant and the Respondent (“the
parties”). In addition, the Commission is required to request arguments from the parties,
if any, to be received within 21 days after the date of the request, in relation to why the
parties, or either of them, would deem it unsatisfactory to have regard to the similar appeal
Determination in adjudicating upon the matter under consideration in the parties’ appeal.
5. In accordance with section 949AN TCA 1997, the Commission wrote to the parties and
enclosed a copy of a suitable similar Determination of the Commission, 98TACD20222.
As neither party submitted any arguments to the Commission objecting to the Appellant’s
appeal being determined in the manner proposed, this appeal is determined without a
hearing and is therefore based upon the similar appeal Determination and documentation
received from both parties, in accordance with the provisions of section 949AN TCA 1997.
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