The People (DPP) v KS


[2014] IECA 50


Ryan P.

Birmingham J.

Sheehan J.


The People at the Suit of the Director of Public Prosecutions

256/2012 - Ryan Birmingham Sheehan - Court of Appeal - 11/12/2014 - 2014 17 4776 2014 IECA 50

Sentencing – Sexual assault – Manifestly excessive sentence – Appellant seeking to appeal against sentence – Whether sentence was excessive in the circumstances

Judgment of the Court (ex tempore) delivered on the 11th day of December 2014 by Mr. Justice Sheehan

This is an appeal against sentence.


On the 30th July, 2012, the appellant K.S. pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting and falsely imprisoning L in his own bedroom, at his home on the 23rd January, 2011 and also to producing a knife at that time.


The learned sentencing judge imposed the following sentences on the 31st July, 2012.

(1) Six years imprisonment on the sexual assault charge.

(2) Six years imprisonment on the false imprisonment charge.

(3) Four years imprisonment on the charge of producing an article.

All sentences to run concurrently.


In addition, the court placed K.S. on the Sex Offenders Register and further directed that he undergo eighteen months post release supervision by the Probation Service on terms that he comply with their directions.


On the 31st July, 2012, the appellant filed an appeal contending the sentence was in all the circumstances, excessive, stating that the learned trial judge failed to state adequately or at all his reasons for imposing the sentence which he did, and further that he failed to take properly into account the mitigating factors on the appellant's personal circumstances. Further and more detailed submissions were filed by the appellant and detailed replies to these submissions were filed on behalf of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Background Facts

The back ground to the assault which occurred in January, 2011, lies in a friendship between the appellant and the victim which had commenced in October 2009. The parties had met through a social network site and following this, they had further communications through another social network site and then met towards the end of that month.


The meetings took place in the appellant's bedroom, in his parent's home on a Dublin estate and the victim who was a childcare worker would visit him there. The appellant suffered from depression and the victim was of great assistance to him particularly one evening when he had self-harmed.


The relationship continued for a period of about twelve months during which time the appellant and the victim would play Sega in his bedroom and also watch DVDs.


The relationship appears to have tapered off towards the end of 2010 when the victim says she was reluctant to visit the appellant when he was on his own, the reason for this being that the appellant was drinking at the time and the victim said she did not like this because when he was drinking he would get very cuddly with her. The victim knew at that time that the appellant had a girlfriend.


Then on the 21st October, the appellant sent a text to the victim saying that he had broken up with his girlfriend, that he was upset and would she call over. At the time that the victim received the text, she was out with her parent's having a meal, but her father drove her over to the appellant's home and she arrived there at 11.30 pm.


This was a weekend night. The appellant's father was making tea when she arrived, but she did not speak to him and simply went straight to the appellant's bedroom. She saw that he was drinking. When he filled up another drink, she decided that it...

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