VA98.3.036 – Donal O’Donovan (Oldcourt Boats) Ltd.

CourtValuation Tribunal
Appeal NumberVA98.3.036
AppellantDonal O’Donovan (Oldcourt Boats) Ltd.
The relevant valuation history is that the subject was revised in 1997 and a valuation of £50
was placed on it. No change in the rateable valuation was made at the appeal stage.
A written submission prepared by Mr. James J. Crowley ASCS on behalf of the appellant was
received by the Tribunal on 12th day of July 1999. Mr. Crowley is a member of the firm
Keane Mahoney Smith, Auditors, Estate Agents, Valuers and Land Agents of 44 South Mall,
Cork. The written submission contended that a fair rateable valuation for the subject would
be £33.50.
A written submission prepared by Mr. Liam Cahill BA, Dip. P&D Economics a District
Valuer, on behalf of the respondent was received by the Tribunal on 30th June 1999. Mr.
Cahill has nineteen years experience in the Valuation Office. Mr. Cahill’s written submission
contained two comparisons, which are annexed to this judgment as Appendix I.
Mr. Cahill’s written submission set out the basis of his valuation as follows;
Estimate of net annual value:
Sq.ft. £1/sq.ft. £ N.A.V.
Canteen 300 1.00 300
Container/winch 624 1.00 624
Open shed 178 0.50 89
Workshop 1,800 1.50 2,700
Office portacabin 482 2.00 964
Storage yards excl. circulation 15,000 0.10 1,500
Add for pier, slipway, dock, pontoon
Estimated construction cost £100,000 decapitalise at 5% 5,000
Total estimated net annual value £11,177

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