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  • Biosimilar Buyouts: AbbVie Buyout of Allergan Receives Approval of Irish High Court; Gedeon Richter Buys Tocilizumab Biosimilar

    On May 8, 2020, AbbVie announced that it completed its acquisition of Allergan plc, having received approval by the Irish High Court. AbbVie and Allergan had previously announced, on May 5, 2020, that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission accepted the proposed consent order in connection with the acquisition.

  • Guidelines on performance fees in UCITS and certain types of AIFs

    ESMA published on 3 April 2020, its Final Report, ‘Guidelines on performance fees in UCITS and certain types of AIFs’ (the “Guidelines”). The Guidelines are the culmination of a consultation process started by ESMA in July 2019 (the “Consultation”) which sought stakeholder feedback on a range of issues relating to the use of performance fees by fund managers.

  • Shareholders’ Rights Regulations 2020 – Impact on Irish MiFID Firms, UCITS Management Companies and AIFMs

    The European Shareholders' Rights Directive II (“SRD II”) has been transposed into Irish law with the publication of the European Union (Shareholders’ Rights) Regulations 2020 (“Regulations”). The Regulations aim to promote greater shareholder involvement in the corporate governance of public companies which have a registered office in the EU and are listed on EU regulated markets (“Investee Companies”).

  • COVID-19 Coronavirus Business Impact: Central Bank of Ireland Announces COVID-19-related Forbearance Measures

    The Central Bank of Ireland (“CBI”) has issued a markets update1 (the “Update”) confirming flexibility for filing dates relating to certain regulatory returns due from investment firms, fund service providers and investment funds over the COVID-19 period.

  • Lessons from the trenches: Tips from a leasing company’s chapter 11

    Fixed-wing leasing companies should consider six tips for navigating a possible restructuring precipitated by the COVID-19 crisis. About a year ago, I completed the most exhausting marathon of my life serving as the chief lawyer during the cross-border restructuring and chapter 11 of Waypoint Leasing, an Ireland-based helicopter leasing company....

  • Commercial contracts in Ireland and Irish parties to international contracts governed by civil law: points to bear in mind due to COVID-19

    The essence of any contract is that the parties make a bargain involving mutual commitments. A decision by one or more parties not to honor any of those commitments, or the objective inability to do so, can thus lead to contractual disputes. COVID-19, categorized as a global pandemic by the WHO since 11 March 2020, has significantly affected an array of commercial contracts: interrupting supply lines, halting construction works and generally destabilizing business. It is clear that the occurrence of the virus was unforeseeable, unforeseen and is outside of the control of contractual parties. In common law jurisdictions like Ireland, the law approaches situations like these in two main ways.

  • Establishing a Business Entity in Ireland (Updated)

    I. Introduction -
 As a common law jurisdiction, Ireland’s legal system is similar to that of the US and the UK and businesses can be carried on in Ireland in several different ways, including as sole traders, partnerships or companies.
 Companies -
 A company is a body formed and registered under the Companies Act 2014, which has legal personality separate and distinct from its shareholders. There are various types of companies and each has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages...
 Please see full Chapter below for more information.

  • Ireland, Luxembourg Add Guidance On COVID-19 And GDPR

 Employers should NOT:
 •require that employees communicate to them daily a statement of their body temperature or fill out medical sheets or questionnaires
 •have visitors or other external persons sign a declaration by which they certify that they have no symptoms of the coronavirus or that they have not recently traveled to a risk zone, etc...

  • Irish Data Protection Commission conducts dawn raid to learn more about Facebook’s pending dating service

    Report on Supply Chain Compliance 3, no. 5 (March 5, 2020) - On Feb. 3, Facebook Inc. informed the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) that it would be rolling out a new dating service Feb. 14. The DPC was concerned about lack of information regarding the service and the fact that Facebook had not conducted a data protection impact assessment in order to assess any risks.

  • IRELAND: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – Employer FAQs

    The spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) across the globe remains a significant concern in the workplace. Employers are confronting difficult questions regarding how to handle safety and health rules, travel restrictions, compensation, immigration, and other employment issues.

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