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  • Galway start-up leads the way in greenhouse gas-busting agriculture additives

    Emissions from agriculture come from two primary sources: livestock, and stored manure and slurry. Both are major contributors to global greenhouse gases. Reducing the livestock population is one way of curbing the problem, but this is not a realistic option given the potential commercial impact and the ongoing need to increase global food production. What is needed is a breakthrough product that

  • Lagarde highlights tit-for-tat inflation dynamic

    Two weeks ago, European Central Bank chief economist Philip Lane alluded to an unforeseen dynamic in this inflation crisis. Some of the surprise stickiness in inflation was coming from goods inflation.

  • 'Leaving our family homes in Ireland means we now live with eight people and share one bathroom'

    It is 2am on a humid Sunday morning in Melbourne and I find myself staring longingly at the "Paddybox" that my family has posted to me. I had promised myself that I would save every bit of it until I really needed it, but unfortunately, the ripped-open box of Cadbury Roses would beg to differ.

  • State can show foresight by backing successes of Disruptive Technologies Innovation Funding

    The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment has recently announced its sixth call since 2018 for projects seeking funding under its Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF).

  • Just one prosecution for failing to produce a passport in four years

    Just one of the several thousand people who arrived in Ireland without a valid travel document in recent years faced related criminal charges.

  • Dividends at Cartamundi, outdated copyright laws and tech job cuts

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  • The Beasts: Five stars for this terrific, gripping western in disguise

    Film critics have an unfortunate habit of identifying this rural drama, that urban thriller or the other folk romance as really a "western in disguise". I trust Rodrigo Sorogoyen will forgive me if I use up my yearly allowance by placing his terrific new film in that category. A family moves to an isolated part of the wilderness. They alone resist the advances of incoming investors seeking to buy

  • HSE at odds with medical training body over treatment of emergency department patients

    The Health Service Executive and the main training body for medical hospital doctors have clashed over who should treat patients waiting long periods in emergency departments.

  • Léa Mysius: 'I dreamed of this gift where I could get into someone's head and see through their eyes'

    It's tricky to re-create smells on film. Just ask John Waters, who had Odorama scratch-and-sniff cards distributed at screenings of his film Polyester, in 1981, so audiences could experience the scent of dirty feet and skunk in sync with the movie's housewife heroine, Francine Fishpaw.

  • Restaurant review: One of the best – and most expensive – meals I've ever eaten

    Perhaps my favourite moment in The Menu, the satirical film that lacerates fine dining with the precision of a Pacojet, is "Breadless bread plate. No bread, savoury accompaniments". It is the second course served to 12 diners in a fictitious restaurant, some of whom are dazzled by the total absence of the bread and the conceptual genius of the chef.

  • More than 500 teachers and SNAs took leave after physical assaults in schools

    More than 500 special-needs assistants (SNAs) and teachers took leave due to physical assaults in schools in the last six years and union representatives believe that incidents are "getting more serious and more frequent".

  • 9-12 year olds: What exactly should our children be allowed to do?

    One day you're raising babies, who are unable to navigate the world without you and are wholly dependent on you to see to their every need. The next, you've children who want to take on the world themselves, and do all the things they claim their friends are doing.

  • Measures to improve Irish drinking water standards signed into law

    New regulations have been signed by the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage, Darragh O'Brien, to improve the standards of Irish drinking water. Minimum hygiene requirements will be introduced for materials that come into contact with water and there will be increased water access for vulnerable and marginalised groups of people.

  • Trees are vital to urban areas

    Sir, – Given that we are celebrating National Tree Week, can I ask is anybody actually mapping the existing mature trees, hedgerows and areas of biodiversity that currently exist in our towns, cities and rural communities throughout Ireland?

  • Bright, elegant living on Hollybank Avenue for €975,000

    The seamless lines between a new kitchen extension and the back garden at 23 Hollybank Avenue Lower in Ranelagh allowed the family who live here to celebrate Christmas dinner outside during lockdown. "It worked out really well as we had my mother and father-in-law over. We all wore our ski gear and as it's such a sheltered area and gets westerly sun, we had a really good day," says the owner,...

  • Ulster University spinout is using gamification for new approach to stroke rehabilitation therapy

    Ulster University spinout eXRt Intelligence Healthcare is using gamification to take a new approach to stroke rehabilitation therapy. According to NHS statistics, patients in the UK only complete an average of two of the 45 minutes of physiotherapy prescribed by the healthcare system. This translates into longer recovery times for patients resulting in longer NHS waiting lists.

  • Moving ahead on the Windsor deal

    Sir, – The European Research Group (ERG) is of the opinion that the Windsor Framework is "practically useless" ("EU and UK move ahead on Windsor deal", News, March 22nd). So is the ERG. – Yours, etc,

  • Predictive power

    Sir, – Economists this week are so engaging, erudite and insightful on the bank collapses. The "joined-up thinking" is simply marvellous. The logic and inevitability of what happened is made so abundantly clear. They remind me of weather forecasters whose role is to tell us what the weather was like yesterday. – Yours, etc,

  • Dear Diary

    A chara, – I enjoyed Sean Savage's letter (March 20th), prompted by Frank McNally Irishman's Diary ("Prefixes and postscripts – Frank McNally on American superlatives, souperism, and St Patrick's Week hangovers", March 18th), about the use of the hession fertiliser bag as an "improvised winter weather cape" in the fields. I can still picture my father wearing such a cape, made rather from a "hundr

  • God and the Constitution

    A chara, – "I like to think of myself as unprejudiced", wrote Fintan O'Toole (Opinion & Analysis, March 21st). It is difficult to reconcile that claim with what he wrote three days earlier (News Review, March 18th), when he used language of serious disrespect in relation to a religious faith which is held deeply by a large portion of the people of Ireland: "the 1937 Constitution is deep-fried in...

  • A high price to pay

    Sir, – My wife, daughter and I returned from a very pleasant holiday in the Algarve last week. The weather was excellent, the hotel where we stayed was very good, as was the food. We enjoyed some meals out in restaurants where prices, compared to here, are worth mentioning. A cup of hot chocolate, an Americano and a cappucino were €3.70 in total. This week, in a well-known coffee shop in Dublin I

  • Who is at fault if my neighbour's chimney collapses?

    I am an attached house and my neighbour's chimney is in disrepair. If this collapses who is at fault?

  • Five homes on view this week in Dublin and Wicklow

    27 Louvain, Ardilea, Clonskeagh, Dublin 14

  • What will €650,000 buy in Dublin and Cavan?


  • Eoin Ó Broin: Majority of TDs in Dáil willingly voted to increase homelessness from April

    There is an alternative to rising levels of homelessness.

  • The housing crisis – political and social consequences

    Sir, – Regarding "The Irish Times view on the eviction ban debate: the Government walks into trouble" (March 22nd), you note that the Government continues to rely, as a solution to a pending eviction, upon offering tenants first refusal to buy properties being sold by the landlords.

  • Scandi-style hillside home with garden sauna overlooking Killiney Bay for €3.75m

    An architect-designed house built into the side of Dalkey Hill is both contemporary and comfortable. Floor-to-ceiling windows in all the rooms on two floors open out to a biodiverse wild garden, and even on a wet day in March, it feels almost cosy. With oak parquet and polished concrete floors, IO House has smart fittings with a Scandinavian flavour, an air-to-water heating system, underfloor...

  • Oceanfront Malibu home with starring role in De Niro's Heat on the market for €19.5m

    A new arrival to California's prime residential market may appeal to a movie aficionado with deep pockets and a love of the sea: the oceanfront Malibu property featured prominently in the 1995 movie blockbuster, Heat, is now for sale, seeking €19.5 million ($21 million).

  • Cabinteely four-bed with large back garden for €775,000

    If you are looking for a home that will grow with you, this semidetached property in South Dublin might be a good option. Nestled in the Cabinteely Park estate, 15A Glen Lawn Drive has perfectly adequate proportions for a family with small kids, with four bedrooms, three bathrooms (one of which is en suite), a livingroom, a kitchen, a diningroom, a utility and a garage. But what will really catch

  • Heritage meets modernity in Donnybrook five-bed for €1.6m

    This charming home on Marlborough Road in Donnybrook, built in 1861, showcases an eclectic mix of heritage and modernity. Spread over three floors with a generous extension, lots of design surprises and a large garden divided into different areas, this is a great family home; it has five bedrooms, two bathrooms and a total area of 210sq m (2,260sq ft).

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