Garda suffered 'horrifying facial injuries' in Ballyfermot attack

Published date22 November 2022
Publication titleDublinLive (Ireland)
Two officers were put in hospital after they were allegedly attacked by a group outside a pub in the early hours of yesterday. A woman and two men were arrested at the scene and another male suspect was detained yesterday

Two of the men arrested over the incident in Ballyfermot, West Dublin, are set to appear in court today charged in relation to it. A third man is still being quizzed by gardai and remains in custody. The two gardai had responded to a row at a pub at around 12.45am but when they got there, they were allegedly assaulted.

Video footage appears to show the officers trying to intervene in the row. The male officer was allegedly knocked to the ground, beaten punched and kicked to his body and face.

The alleged attackers then grabbed his heavy duty torch and struck him three times on the head. His female colleague tried to intervene but she was dragged away by her hair.

Both were brought to St James's Hospital for treatment before the she was discharged. He was left with serious facial injuries and had to get stitches and staples to his head.

He had to get a scan to ensure his skull had not been fractured before he was also discharged. Backup units, including the Armed Support Unit, made three arrests at the scene.

Two men, one in his 50s and the other in his 30s, were brought to Ballyfermot Garda station where they remained last night. A woman in her 50s was also arrested but was released yesterday. She is to appear in court charged over the incident at a later date.

Another male suspect was located and arrested yesterday afternoon. The suspect, who is in his 40s, was also brought to Ballyfermot station. Det Garda Mark Ferris, the Garda Representative Association's spokesman for Dublin West, told Dublin Live: "I spoke with members who know the officers involved and one described the male Garda as having horrifying facial injuries.

"In attempting to effect a routine arrest the situation escalated rapidly. The officer's heavy duty torch was seized and used to strike him on the head .

"Firstly, I sincerely hope my colleagues make a speedy recovery. The physical injuries will take some time to heal but I fear the psychological effects will take longer."

Garda headquarters said the injured members are receiving support from their colleagues and management. Medical and counselling support is also available if required.

The incident, which caused widespread disgust and outrage, comes just weeks after two officers were rammed in their patrol car in...

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