Mary Lou McDonald says public should direct anger towards Government instead of refugees

Published date06 February 2023
Publication titleDublinLive (Ireland)
She was speaking after a poll in the Irish Independent found 56% of the public believe Ireland has taken in too many refugees in the past year. Protests have been held in Waterford, Cork and Dublin in recent weeks

Gardai are also investigating an alleged assault at a campsite in Ashtown, Dublin, where migrants had been living for months, and a suspected arson attack on a disused school in Dublin that had been rumoured to be used for migrants.

Speaking on RTE Radio's The Week Ms McDonald blamed a "very small fringe" for whipping up anger against refugees. She said: "The Government have really handled so many situations so badly.

"We've had a housing emergency for many years, lots of people have direct experience of this crisis, they're living in overcrowded circumstances, they're paying exorbitant rents, if they can get a place and they have had Government inaction.

"There is huge frustration and anger, actually, I think sometimes people haven't been angry enough with Government. I understand all of the anger and that anger needs to be directed at those in power, those that have the capacity to change things.

"We need to be careful in understanding that it is a small group of very, very nasty individuals, who are trying to foment this view of aggression and negativity towards people who are weak. The Irish instinct fundamentally is an instinct of decency, Irish people are decent and...

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