Moment climate activists spray graffiti all over front of Dublin city centre Government building Iveagh House

AuthorAengus O'Hanlon
Published date19 March 2021
Date19 March 2021
Publication titleDublinLive (Ireland)
A young women from Environmentalist group Extinction Rebellion daubed slogans including "No more empty promises" while a young male activist live-streamed their paint protest that defaced the facade of the office of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The footage ends when two men emerge from the department and demand that the young woman stop spray-painting the front of Iveagh House, repeatedly telling her to "stop that".

One says, "stop it, you're defacing public property," to which a defiant Ms Murphy responds: I am - and they're defacing the planet."

Following the dramatic paint protest, the pair were arrested, with gardai saying that they had arrested a man in his 20 and a woman in her late teens.

They added that the pair have been "detained for an act of criminal damage on St Stephen's Green."

At one point the man taking the video explains the reason for the graffiti.

"Today is the international Fridays for Future global strike day and the theme is, 'No more empty promises."

"We are fed up of Government saying and making climate change targets and doing nothing about it."

He then declares: "Enough is enough."

While the young woman is writing slogans on the front door of the building, he continues: "What is a disgrace is that our politicians are leading us to our deaths.

"What is a disgrace is that we are facing the starvation of hundreds of millions of people - potentially billions of people - within our lifetime."

Earlier the videographer blasted the Government for not doing enough to save the planet despite warnings from environmentalists including David Attenborough.

He raged: "Simon Coveney, who is the Minister for Foreign Affairs, has said that we have a duty to protect the women, the most vulnerable, and what was the other group, the least developed countries.

"For more than 40 years we've had failed promises, we've had 25 cops, and all we've got for it is a non-binding Paris Agreement that has been completely ignored.

"Every single year, 200 indigenous land protecters are murdered.

"An estimated 20m pope are forced from their homes die to climate chaos every year.

"This is only going to get worse. Already we've seen greenhouse gas emissions increase past pre-pandemic levels.

"David Attenborough, an even more conservative voice, has said that we're heading for...

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